Incunabula in Dutch Libraries, 2 volumes
A Census of Fifteenth-Century Printed Books in Dutch
Public Collections. Volume One: Catalogue. Volume Two: Indexes & Concordances

By Edited by Gerard van Thienen
August 1983
HES & DE GRAAF Publishers
ISBN: 9060043758
1,086 Pages, Illustrated, 8.4 x 12"
$695.00 Hardcover set

I. Catalogue ( 4.759 entries, including the holdings of 85 Libraries, Museums and Archives). II. Indexes and Concordances. The first comprehensive Census of fifteenth-century printed books preserved in the Netherlands. "It is in every way a worthy addition to IBH, IBP, IGI, and ... Goff" (J.C.T. Oates in The Library, 6th series, 7,3, 1985). "It is an admirable addition to the shelf of essential catalogues of incunabulas" (Nicholas Barker in The Book Collector 32, 1985).

Bibliotheca Bibliographica Neerlandica, Vol. XVII

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