Innovations & Industrial Performance
in Finland 1945 - 1998

By Jani Saarinen
Lund Studies in Economic History, No. 34
December 2005
Almqvist & Wiksell
ISBN: 9122021299
270 pages, Illustrated, 6” x 8 ½”
$87.50 Paper Original


This Ph.D. dissertation deals with industrial renewal in Finland during the period 1945-98. By analysing the underlying factors of the origins of innovations, development processes, characteristics of innovations, market situations and the characteristics of the firms, this study describes the technical development and the industrial renewal of the Finnish economy from the point of view of industrial innovations.

By the help of systematically collected data on domestic innovations for the period 1945-98, this study leads us to the origins of Finnish industrial innovations, to those circumstances and situations, where new ideas and products have originated. The results show that there are large variations in innovation activities of companies and characteristics of innovations during different phases of economic development.

Economic History

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