Introductory Hindi Course
[with Companion Audio CD]

Edited By R. Caldwell Smith & S.C.R. Weightman
November 2003
The North India Institute of Language Study Society
ISBN: 81-215-1099-6
563 pages, 7 " x 10"
$87.50 Hardcover

This Hindi course has been prepared to provide beginners with a textbook for learning Hindi intensively in three months. Dialogues, vocabulary introduction passages, wordlists, oral exercises, reading passages and writing exercises all contribute to gaining mastery of spoken Hindi supported by reading and writing skills. As an introductory course in Hindi, this course teaches the Hindi spoken in homes and markets, town and villages of north India. The simplest vocabulary and structures of speech have been chosen. The Devanagari alphabet is introduced at the beginning and transliteration of letters is discontinued as soon as a letter is learnt. This book has been produced by the Landour Language School. Established about 1910 this school has trained over 12,000 students, mostly from foreign countries, to speak Hindi and other languages to high levels of mastery.

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