Images of a Forest People
Punan Malinau: Indentity, Sociality & Encapsulation in Borneo

By Lard Kaskija
June 2012
Uppsala University
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789155482992
270 pages, Illustrated
$75.00 Paper original

This is a study of groups of forest foragers and horticulturalists in the Malinau River basin in northeast Borneo. These groups are known to themselves and others as Punan, or more specifically in order to distinguish them from other groups of Punan (or Penan) living in other parts of Borneo - as Punan Malinau. Scholars have debated whether the Punan are to be regarded as 'genuine' rain-forest hunter-gatherers or rather should be considered as groups of 'runway farmers' who have left the fields for a life as professional collectors in the forest.


Uppsala Studies in Cultural Anthropology No. 52

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