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Imperfections Measurements of a Perfect
Shell With Specifically Designed Equipment (UNIVIMP)

By L. Gunawan
Sept. 1998
Delft University Press
ISBN: 90-407-1586-6
48 p.
$20.00 Paper Original

Imperfection measurements were performed on a shell which was designed as a perfect one. The shell was going to be used as an object in vibration tests to validate the vibration analysis of cylindrical shells. The measurements were performed several times to examine the imperfection variations due to mounting and dismounting the shell and to and from the setup. The results showed that the imperfections are small, less than .1 wall thickness, and that the handling of the shell changed the imperfections significantly. Hence after the imperfection measurements the shell should be ready for the vibration tests. Removing the shell from the UNIVIMP is not allowed in order to maintain the consistency of the imperfection data.

Mechanical Engineering
Series: Series 05 - Aerospace Structures and Computational Mechanics