Individual, Corporate & Judicial
in European Cities (Late Middle
Ages & Early Modern Period)
[In English & French]

Edited by Marc Boone & Maarten Prak
December 1996
ISBN: 90-5350-545-8
289 pages, illustrated
$48.50 paper original

The essays in this book explore the relationship between individuals and the urban communities to which they belonged. The interactions between individuals and between individuals and community were shaped to an important extent by institutions. This does not imply that these essays are simply exercises in institutional history.

Instead, they look at the way institutions functioned through the glasses of social historians. Economic, political, military, ceremonial, religious and judicial aspect of citizenship are discussed in a series of locally-bound case-studies.

Ranging from late medieval Douai, Ghent and Zürich, through early modern Paris, Antwerp and Murcia up to eighteenth-century Brussels, Turin and Amsterdam, nearly all types of European cities are present.

Law History

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