Industrial Policy, Innovation & Economic Growth:
The Experience of Japan & the Asian NIEs

Edited by Wong Poh-Kam and Ng Chee-Yuan
December 2001
Singapore University Press
ISBN: 9971-69-255-4
692 pages
$77.50 paper original

The role of industrial and technology policy in economic development has been a controversial issue in the literature on economic development of developing countries. In particular, the positive role of the state in the rapid economic growth of East Asia has been questioned in the light of the recent Asian financial crisis which has ravaged growth in much of East Asia.

In response to such sweeping negation of the role of state intervention, this volume provides a careful historical analysis of the development experience of the five most advanced countries in East Asia to provide a more balanced interpretation of the role and contribution of industrial and technology policy.

Written by indigenous scholars from the respective countries, the chapters provide an in-depth review of the role of the state in general as well as in specific selected industries, along with a synthesis provided by the editors. It is shown that the five countries have pursued diverse development strategies, and hence the role of the state has been quite varied. Also included is an extension Bibliography.

Economics; Asian Studies

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