Inheriting the 1990s
The Baltic Countries
Studia Uralica Upsaliensia No. 37

Edited By Baiba Metuzale-Kangere
December 2010
Uppsala University Press
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789155479626
213 pages
$69.50 Paper original

How do individuals and societies that have been subject to oppression for half a century come to terms with their totalitarian past? How does this inheritance, or burden, bear upon the rebuilding of a democratic and civil society? These are the universal questions that this collection of thirteen scholarly in-depth contributions addresses, based on the challenges experienced by Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania diring the fifteen years following the restoration of national independence in 1991.

The authors are specialists in various acdemic fields-anthropology, ethnology, psychology, sociology, political science, linguistics, literature and history-which vouches for a many sided illumination of the set of problems under discussion, starting with the narratives of the self, proceeging to language and then the surrounding society.

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