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Introduction to Bed, Bank and Shore Protection
Engineering the Interface of Soil and Water

By Gerrit J. Schiereck
July 2001
Delft University Press
ISBN: 90-407-1683-8
397 pages, illustrated
$107.00 hardcover

The interface of land and water has always played an important role in human activities; settlements are often located at coasts, river banks, or deltas. When the interface consists of rock, erosion is usually negligible, but finer material can make protection necessary. This book attempts to bridge the gap between theoretical hydrodynamics and designing protections. Contents: Introduction. Flow - Loads. Flow - Stability. Flow - Erosion. Porous Flow - General. Porous Flow - Filters. Waves - Loads. Waves - Erosion and stability. Ships. Protections. Environment. Dimensions. Appendix A: Materials. Appendix B: Examples.

Environmental Science