Jewish Identity in Modern Israel
Proceedings on Secular Judaism & Democracy

Edited by Naftali Rothenberg & Eliezer Schweid
October 2002
Urim Publishers
ISBN: 9657108365
237 pages, Illustrated, 6" x 9"
$22.00 Hardcover

The essays in this volume reflect a broad spectrum of cultural, theological & ideological positions that regard identity in ways that are often inimical to one another. They cover a traditional view of Jewish identity as well as a critical Foucaultian deconstructionist position. Most contributors share the view that modern Jewish identity is shaped and informed by cultural, political and ethical forces which are differentiated from religious sentiment and established religious practice.

Part 1.
Teaching Judaism to Secular Jews Jewish studies for secular Jews.
Goals of secular Jewish education.
Culture & religion of Israel-what to teach.
Language, memory & culture as a bridge between the secular reader & the Jewish "Library."

Part 2.
Relevance of the Jewish Calendar to the Contemporary Secular Jew.
Emphases in festival education for schools, families & communities.
Time as a contemporary challenge.

Part 3.
Israel as a Jewish Democratic State-How to Educate Paradox & harmony.
Private domain & public responsibility.
Religion & democracy.
Can State constitution and Halakhic Constitution coexist?
Two ideologies-yet still one people. Split identity?
Being an Arab citizen.
A Jewish & democratic state-but is it really?

About the editors: Rabbi Rothenberg is a senior fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. Eliezer Schweid is professor of Jewish philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and author of many books.


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