Johannes Boekholt (1656-1693)
The first Dutch publisher of John Bunyan & other English authors

By J.B.H. Alblas
April 1987
HES & DE GRAAF Publishers
ISBN: 9060043901
535 Pages, Illustrated, 535
$250.00 Hardcover

Emphasis is on the bibliography (chapter 5, pp. 261-494) in which 127 editions are described in great detail. "... packed with valuable information for the book historian, the literary historian and those interested in devotional literature and ecclesiastical history, especially the history of Dutch Reformed Pietism" (Theo Bögels in English Studies 70,3). "Indeed, the considerable value of Alblas's study lies in the painstaking detail (correcting several previous errors) in which he has reconstructed the sycretic bookish world of later seventeenth-century Dutch reformed piety" (Nigel Smith in Journal of Ecclesiastical History).

Bibliography. Literature
Bibliotheca Bibliographica Neerlandica, Vol. XXII

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