John Atanasoff
The Father of the Computer

Edited by Prof. Dimitar Shishkov
December 2001
TANGRA TanNakRa Publishing House
ISBN: 954-9942-24-4
191 pages, illustrated
$84.00 hardcover

This book centers on the lawsuit, unprecedented in its scale and importance, for the patent rights of the Honeywell Computer Corporation against the Sperry Rand Corporation and its subsidiary ISD, 1967 - 1973. The decision of the Federal Court of Minneapolis of 19.10.1973 finally and categorically determined John Atanasoff's priority in the invention of the century. The book is an extended biography of the American inventor John Vincent Atanasoff, son of the Bulgarian Ivan Atanasoff. The book narrates the long life and work of the man and the creator of the first electronic computer in the world. It also tells of the Bulgarian roots of the inventor, his two visits to his homeland, his gratefulness, and the place of Bulgaria in his heart.

Includes 20 color and 55 black & white photographs.


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