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Judaism on Trial, 2nd edition
An Unconventional Discussion about Jews, Judaism & the State of Israel

By Nathan Lopes Cardozo
December 2000
Urim Publications
ISBN: 965-7108-28-4
345 Pages
$25.00 Cloth



Arguing that science and anti-religious philosophy are not responsible for the decline of Judaism, Rabbi Cardozo says it is those who teach it that make Judaism appear irrelevant to the needs and problems of modern man. Jewish law and custom are taught as a dogmatic creed and no longer contains the exciting spontaneity of worship, while remaining formalistic, replacing love with habit. Instead, the author believes that Judaism must reflect deep compassion to recapture the flowing fountain of a glorious tradition-if not, all becomes meaningless. The author is dean of the David Cardozo School for Jewish Studies and Human Dignity.

Religion; Judaism