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Jurisdiction in USA v. Noriega

With Special Reference to the Honecker Case

By Belatchew Asrat
September 2000 (Iustus Förlag)
ISBN: 91-7678-446-0
317 pages
$89.50 Cloth

The author considers the jurisdictional issues involved in USA v. Noriega and the propriety of exercising jurisdiction in the case. The criminal case against Manuel Noriega was made possible by the breach of a fundamental international law norm that prohibits the unjustified or unauthorized unilateral resort to force. Subjects include jurisdictional immunity; criminal jurisdiction; USA and Panama relations; US invasion of Panama; USA v. Noriega; and finally a limited comparative reference to the German criminal case of Honecker. The author's previous work was entitled, Prohibition of Force Under the UN Charter


Law; US history; Panama
Series: Skrifter Från Juridiska Fakulteten I Uppsala 78