By Edited By Viara Kandjeva
TRANSLATED from the Bulgarian by Victoria Nankinova
December 2005
Bornia Publishing House
ISBN: 9545001488
108 pages, Illustrated, 6” x 8 ¼”
$39.50 Paper Original

Tucked away in central Sredna Gora Mountain, lit up by the tender mountain sun at the altitude of 1060 m above sea level, situated on both banks of Topolnitsa River, the ancient town of Koprivshtitsa unfolds fascinating beauty.

Contents include: Koprivshtitsa – Unique Beauty and Greatness, Museum House “Luben Karavelov”, Ethnographical Museum “Oslekov House”, Museum House “Dimcho Debelianov”, Museum House “Todor Kableshkov”, Ethnographical Museum “Lutov House”, Museum “Georgi Benkovski”, The Churches in Koprivshtitsa, Fountains, Bridges, Monuments, Traditions and Customs, The Crafts of Koprivshtitsa, Clothing During the Renaissance, Agriculture, Cattle-Breeding During the Renaissance, Cuisine of Koprivshtitsa, Tails and Legends, The Humor of Koprivshtitsa, National Fairs, Cultural Calendar, Koprivshtitsa – Short Walks in the Heart of Sredna, Gora Mountain, Working Time of Museums.

Includes Full-Color Photographs throughout.


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