History & Architecture

By Viara Kandjeva & Antoniy Handjiyski
Reserves of Architecture in Bulgaria
December 2005
Bornia Publishing House
ISBN: 9545001526
160 pages, Illustrated, 4 ¾” x 6 ¾”
$49.50 Paper Original

Koprivshtitsa is a picturesque little town-museum and is also a reserve of architecture and history, tucked away amidst the pretty rounded ridges of Sredna Gora Range. It is located at a distance of 100 km east of Sofia (the capital city of Bulgaria) and offers to everybody who visits it an unforgettable stroll into the kaleidoscope of the past.

The meandering, cobblestone-paved little streets that squeeze between the tall stone-wall fences, the heavy wooden gateways with little built-in doors, and the beautiful wooden houses – symbol of wealth and prosperity of their owners, the wonderful arched bridges over river Topolnitsa and her tributaries, and the numerous stone fountains are a remarkable expression of the creative inventiveness and the high building culture of the men that built them.

Includes Full-Color Photographs throughout.


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