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Key and Catalogue of the Tribe
Clivinini from the Oriental Realm

With Revisions of the Genera Thliboclivina Kult, &
Trilophidius Jeannel (Insecta, Coleptera, Carabidae,
Scarititae, Clivinini)

By Michael Balkenohl
June 2001
ISBN: 9546421219
83 pages, illustrated
$48.00 paper original

A key to the 17 Oriental genera of the tribe Clivinini (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Scarititae) is proposed. A photo of a typical member of each genus is provided. Terms for identification are explained in 2 schematic habitus drawings. Members of 15 genera are identified up to species level. A catalogue for all species of the tribe is provided. Key and catalogue aimed to cover the Oriental region but are slightly widened geographically in order to include neighboring areas. It can be used for the regions from Pakistan along the Himalayas to Japan, and from Sakhalin to the northern tip of Australia and Sri Lanka. The genera Thliboclivina and Trilophidius are revised. For the genus Thliboclivina additional illustrated descriptions are provided including the African species and the new species Thliboclivina bartolozzii n. sp. from Meghalaya in India, the first Thliboclivina species outside the Ethiopian realm is described and illustrated. The genus Trilophidius is characterised and separated into 2 species groups, group impunctatus occurring in the Oriental region, and group congoanus occurring in Africa. The group impunctatus is revised and T. impunctatus Putzeys is redescribed. The following species are described: T. carinatus n.sp., T. cervilineatus n.sp., T. endroedii n.sp., T. fastigatus n.sp., and T. minutulus n.sp. Available recordings for the 2 revised genera are displayed in separate maps. The Clivinini fauna of the Oriental region is compared with those of the neighboring regions.

Pensoft Series Faunistica, No. 21