Khurasan & Sistan

By C.E. Yate
April 2004
Reprint of the 1900 Edition
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers
ISBN: 81-215-1104-6
454 pages, 5 " x 8 "
$72.50 Hardcover

A full account is given of the time the author spent amongst the Goklan and Yamut Turkomans, hitherto comparatively unknown; their life and character is described, and an account is given of my trip to the source of river Gurgan, never before visited before visited by any European travelers.

An account is also given of the Afghan troops and soldiers as the author saw them at Kandahar, Farah, and Heart; of the Persian troops and officials; and of the various tribes on the Afghan and Persian frontiers. The state of trade with Persia through Sistan and Bandar Abbas is described, and the question of the disappearance of heredity chiefs and of the power of the priesthood in Persia is entered into; as well as that of the difference in the number of native followers in India and Russia; the different modes of life in India and in Central Asia; the contrast between the employment of natives in the army and in the civil administration of the country under the British Government in India and the Russian Government in Central Asia, and various other subject connected with India.

The proposed junction of the Indian and Russian railways is also discussed. The shrine of Imam Raza and the history and antiquities of Mashhad, Nishapur, and other places, the tomb of Uman Khayam, and the turquoise mines at Madan are described; and a general account is given of the people I saw and the life I led during the three years I held charge of the office of agent to the Governor-General of India and H.B.M's Consul-General at Mashhad.


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