Learning Disabilities

A Challenge to Teaching & Instruction

Edited By P. Ghesquiere & A.J.J.M. Ruijssenaars
June 2005
Leuven University Press
ISBN: 9058674444
200 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$72.50 Paper Original

Research on learning disabilities has known a tremendous growth the last 25 years. All kinds of scientific disciplines are involved. Yet, despite the progress that is made in diverse domains, learning disabilities still stay a serious challenge to teaching and instruction.

Fortunately, in recent research a growing interest is noticed for the educational consequences of research findings, even in more fundamental disciplines. This was a good starting point for a collection of papers with this scope.

In this book the authors try to link original research findings on learning disabilities with instructional methods and teaching practices. The papers were selected on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the International Academy for Research in Learning Disabilities. Most of the authors are even a member of this prestigious scientific society.

Part One: Cognitive, Meta-Cognitive & Socio-Emotional Correlates
Role of intelligence in the definition of dyslexia.
Role of linguistic skills in the identification of problems.
Auditory temporal processing deficit in children with dyslexia?
Cognition and metacognition in children with math leaning disabilities.

Part Two: Intervention & Instruction Methods
Early literarcy intervention--who benefits & who does not?
Intervention for learning difficulties in literarcy--an Australian approach.
Development of reading comprehension of learners with dyslexia by means of a technique of imaging.
Effects of different forms of instruction on acquisition & use of multiplication strategies.
Strategy use & math instruction for children with special needs.

Special Education; Psychology
Studia Paedagogica, No. 40

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