Leonhard Culmann
A literary Biography and an Edition of five
Plays, as a Contribution to the Study of
Drama in the Age of the Reformation

By Mattias Wilhelm Senger
December 1982
HES & DE GRAAF Publishers
ISBN: 9060043812
798 Pages, Illustrated, 535
$295.00 Hardcover

The five German plays by Leonhard Culmann (c. 1500-1561), originally published between 1539 and 1547, are typical in quality and structure for much of the dramatic production of the time. This is a text-edition of same, preceded by an extensive biography and followed by a voluminous apparatus of notes on the texts. A full bibliography is appended. "In this virtual Culmannus redivivus the author has made a major contribution to Sixteenth-Century literary studies as well as provided an exacting model for similar endeavors" (Peter Schaeffer in Renaissance Quarterly 36,2, 1983).

Drama; Biography
Bibliotheca Humanistica & Reformatorica, Vol. XXXV

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