Loca Sanctorum Macedoniae
The Cult of Martyrs in Macedonia From the 4th to the 9th Centuries

By Blaga Alesksova
December 1997
Institute of Old Slav culture / Macedonian Civilization
ISBN: 9989-756-10-4
392 pages, illustrated; 8.75" x 11.5"
$194.50 paper original

This book represents an indispensable and comprehensive review of the events in the field of cult building, the visual arts, and the applied arts in the Early Christian period in Macedonia. Contents: Preface. List of Maps. Expansion of Christianity and centuries of persecution. Cult of the relics and beginnings of the architectural forms.

The cult of saints in Macedonia and Eastern Illyricum. The antique theatre and the cult of the martyrs. Cult structures in the early Christian monuments in Macedonia. Early Christian Episcopal centers and their bishops in Macedonia. Abbreviations. Bibliography. Index. Monochrome illustrations. Color plates (25).

Editio Monvmenta Macedoniaea, Liber II

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