Lucknow Daily

How a Hindi Newspaper Constructs Reality

By Per Stahlberg
December 2002
Stockholm Studies in Social Anthropology
ISBN: 91-7265-542-9
228 pages, 6" x 8 1/4"
$58.50 Paper Original


This doctoral dissertation is an anthropological study of journalists and their work. The setting is a north Indian city, and we shall meet reporters on their beats, searching for stories to print in Hindi dailies. By focusing on a profession that describes - but is simultaneously inscribed in - contemporary Indian society, the book attempts to discuss a professional practice in relation to processes of cultural globalization, modernity and political imagination. Contents include: Writing society, The present and the past of Indian journalism, The cartography of news, On the beat, The journalists, Professionals for the people, and Global modernity spelt in Hindi.

Sociology, Journalism
Stockholm Studies in Social Anthropology, No. 51

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