Lasers in Neurosurgery

By Leon Danaila & Mihail-Lucian Pascu
July 2001
Editura Academiei Romane
ISBN: 973-27-0802-6
710 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$225.00 Hardcover

The introduction of microtechniques encouraged many neurosurgeons to approach more difficult surgical interventions; the need to provide more complex and efficient methods for medical investigations and treatment has triggered from the very beginning of the laser era the doctor's interest in using the lasers in combinations with such advanced techniques. Laser has reemerged as a neurosurgical instrument, offering the promise of added precision and increased gentleness. It is able to emit unionizing electromagnetic radiation with particular basic properties such as coherence, monochromaticity, directivity and intensity which may be used to develop new surgical methods conceived to efficiently replace some conventional surgical techniques or to open instrumental opportunities previously inaccessible.

The laser introduction in the current surgical technique has proved to be an extremely delicate problem from the beginning, since it is tightly related not only to the advantages the laser offers for the investigation and treatment of different diseases, but to the patient's and doctor (operator)'s safety as well. Meanwhile, the benefits offered by the laser beam use in tissues incision, coagulation, denaturation and eradication were established in each surgical field. Contents include: Introduction, Short History, Laser Physics, Laser Equipment for Neurosurgical Applications, Basic Elements About the Laser Beam - Tissue Interaction, Laser Systems in Neurosurgery, Laser Assisted Surgical Techniques, Lasers in Computer-Assisted Volumetric Stereotactic Resection, Laser Microsurgery of Acoustic Neuromas, Thermotherapy of Cerebral Tumors, Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) of Malignant Brain Tumors, Lasers in Spinal Cord Surgery, Use of Lasers in the Vascular Surgery of the Brain, Intracranial Laser Endoscopy, Laser Assisted Neurosurgery of Peripheral Nerves, Laser Doppler Flowmetry.


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