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Les Colias du Globe, Two Volumes [In English & French]
Monograph of the Genus Colias

By Joseph T. Verhulst
August 2000
State Museum of Natural History, NASU
ISBN: 3-931374-15-7 (2 volumes)
570 pages total, illustrated; 9 1/2" x 13 1/2"
$449.00 hardcover (2 volume set)

Until now, the only complete illustrated studies dealing with the genus Colias are rather old (Seitz, 1907-1935 and Verity, 1905-1911). This book seeks to offer students an up-to-date work. The examination of the original descriptions, which are generally stated, except for Russian, Polish and Japanese, has been the basis of this work. In some cases, comments following the original description have been added. Elsewhere, publications are quoted in chronological order with some remarks emphasizing confusions and problems before concluding. Includes almost 200 full-color plates with hundreds of pictures.