Libraries, Globalisation & Cooperation
Papers for the International Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria November 2004

Edited by Herbert K. Achleitner & Alexander Dimchev
December 2005
St Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia
Distrubuted by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 0934068151
310 pages, Illustrated, 8 1/2 x 11 3/4"
$125.00 Paper Original

Hosted in different years in Kanasas City, Kansas; Warsaw; and Sofia, the series is designed to explore the impact of globalization and change
on the development of libraries, information infrastructures & society.

Partial Contents:

Training Center for LIS Soecialists in Lithuania.
Competence Orientation in LIS Education.
Nordic-Baltic Cooperation in Library Science.
Educational Concepts in the LIS Field in Bulgaria.
Globalization & Cooperation in Library Science Curricula.
Europe's Local Cultural Institutions.AUBG Librar's Practices.
Creating regional Research Environment for Historical Documents.
Web-Based Instruction in Library Science.
On-Line Revolution.
How Effective is Your Information Literarcy Training Program?
Cultural Differences in Communicating with Others.
Electronic Information Literacy.
E-Learning and Libraries.
Bibliographic Sources and Distance Learning.
Project ABLE--Collaboration between Libraries in the USA and Bulgaria.
National Library Cooperation.
Ethical Dilemmas.
International Cataloguing Principles.
University of Maryland Libraries & Global Citizenship.Copyright.
Digital Preservation.
Libraries as Civic Space.

Library Science

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