Life Science Inventions
The Hurdles of Law

By Li Westerlund
December 2004
Iustus Forlag
ISBN: 917678570X
102 pages, Illustrated, 5" x 8 "
$42.50 Paper Original

Life science inventions - this question not only challenges patent law, but also involves other disciplines of law closely connected to patent law. Lately, patent rights to life science inventions have been in focus in the debate.

However, several related legal issues in the complex content of research and development of pharmaceuticals, and the following commercialization of these drugs, challenge the law. By examining the various aspects of inventions in this field, the author shows the complexity and develops a comprehensive understanding of legal issues affecting the players in the life sciences field.

The text explores modern patent law issues with a focus on the patentability of stem cells and research tools in Europe and the U.S. The book then adds an understanding of ethics within the European patent law and the access issues surrounding these kinds of inventions.

Other questions include the unfair competition and antitrust claims that recently have come into play in this context and ownership of biological material. The book ends with the various aspects surrounding market authorization with respect to infringement and unfair competition and sums up with a comprehensive analysis of the stem cell and research tool issues.

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