Malaysian-American Partnership

Edited By Lars Larsson
July 2001
Pelanduk Publications
ISBN: 9839783130
95 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11 "
$29.50 Paper Original

Malaysia and the United States have enjoyed a long-standing relationship that is predicated on economic, trade, political, security and social ties. American investments have featured prominently over the past few decades, contributing to Malaysia's impressive economic growth. Today, the United States is Malaysia's largest trading partner, while Malaysia is America's twelfth. This illustrates the importance and significance of trade relations between the two countries.

As Malaysia strives to transform its economy into one that is knowledge based, it requires forms of investment that go beyond mere economics and trade. Over time educational and cultural ties have been established, where personal contacts provide the glue that binds the two nations together. Not only have Malaysians been educated in the U.S., they have also had the benefit of American education coming to Malaysian shores, through extensive educational linkages, namely the "twinning programs."

Through the exchange of scholars, the Fulbright program has ensured cross-cultural exchanges among our universities. Concerning global regional ties, Malaysia and the US share some common principles. Although they have not met ground on every international issue, their commitment toward ongoing peace and security ensures a high level of cooperation. This commitment also reflects a mature relationship that has grown over the decades. This book is a joint effort between the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre and the American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce. This book is divided into 2 parts: part 1 contains five chapters covering various aspects of the relationship, from historical to educational to societal ties; part 2 documents several corporations that have contributed to the flourishing relationship between Malaysia and the United States.

Economics; Politics
Acta Archaeologica Lundensia Series in 8, No. 48

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