Managing Transformations
in Eastern Europe

By Nicolai Genov
December 1999
UNESCO-MOST / Regional & Global Development
ISBN: 954-8443-08-2
138 pages, illustrated
$65.50 paper original

The profound changes in Eastern Europe started in a conceptual vacuum. Nobody was prepared to offer a ready project for explanation and guidance of the turbulent events in the autumn of 1989. A decade later, the painful changes still dominate the Eastern part of the European continent. Social structures are in flux, open questions are abundant.

They invite for a careful analysis of the historical experience. The core of the author's conceptual framework is his vision of four global trends; the key idea of the book is that the societal transformations in the region are basically determined by the need to adapt to the requirements of those trends. Includes relevant graphs, tables, and bibliography.

Preface * Managing transformations: realities and concepts * Instrumental activism versus sustainability * Individualization versus common good * Organizational pathologies versus organizational rationality * Particularisms versus value-normative universalization * Eastern Europe: where to? * Notes * References

History; Sociology

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