Mapping Study on International Migration

By Kristof Tamas
June 2004
Institute for Futures Studies
ISBN: 9189655478
103 pages, 6 ½” x 9 ½”
$87.50 Paper Original

This mapping study reviews a selection of current research and activities of relevant stakeholders on the causes and effects of international migration and international co-operation on migration issues. It includes sections on Migration and Development, Migration Management, Transnationalism, Integration, Human Rights as well as Information Exchange and Statistics.

The main objective of the study has been to identify conditions where the maximum benefits of migration to both sending and receiving countries can be achieved, while minimizing the down-side risks for migrants and communities affected by migration.Considering the increased demand for global mobility and comprehensive, co-operative frameworks to manage migration, the study has also attempted to provide an input to the development of a policy-oriented research-agenda for advancing the security of people on the move and those in sending and receiving communities.


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