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Mark & Mission
Mk 7:1-23 in its Narrative and Historical Contexts

By Jesper Svartvik
June 2000
Almqvist & Wiksell International
ISBN: 91-22-01863-8
$81.00 Paper Original

Review by Professor Paula Fredriksen, Boston University:
"This is a huge, intellectually ambitious and meticulously researched project. So much material of so many different sorts is presented, reviewed, refuted or refined that, were it not for Svartvik's determined focus on these verses of the pericope itself, the whole might not cohere. But it does--a tribute as much to the lucidity and gracefulness of the author's English style (which native speakers might well envy) as to his conceptual clarity (...) Mark and Mission offers important contributions in a multitude of inter-related fields--New Testament literary theory, historiography, historical Jesus, Pauline studies, patristic reception history, Jewish Studies. It brilliantly displays the virtues of the interdisciplinary research it embodies."

Religious History
Coniectanea Biblica: New Testament Series, No. 32