Making Targeted Sanctions Effective
Guidelines for the Implementation of UN Policy Options

Edited by Peter Wallensteen, et al.
April 2003
Uppsala University
ISBN: 91-506-1657-9
156 pages, Illustrated, 6" x 8 1/4"
$30.00 Paper Original

The Stockholm Report on the Implementation of Targeted Sanctions summarizes the results of a yearlong study of targeted UN sanctions. It is part of an international process on which UN Secretary General Kofi Annan stated in his Annual Report to the General Assembly that he was "encouraged by the ongoing efforts at the intergovernmental and expert levels to design smarter Security Council sanction measures… [in] addition to being an effective instrument to resolve conflicts, targeted sanctions could play an important deterrent role and contribute to an overall strategy for preventive diplomacy." The Stockholm report is presented in the understanding expressed by UN Secretary General Dg Hammarskjold in his last Annual Report to the General Assembly of the United Nations of those who "conceive of the Organization primarily as a dynamic instrument of governments through which they, jointly and for the same purpose… try to develop executive action, undertaken on behalf of all Members, and aiming at forestalling conflicts and resolving them, once they have arisen, by appropriate diplomatic or political means, in a spirit of objectivity and in implementation of the principles and purposes of the Charter."


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