Marxism & Reform in China

By Su Shaozhi
ISBN: 0-85124-547-1
173 p.
$37.50 Paper

In the spring of 1989, an epic democratic movement emerged in Beijing. It was particularly strong amongst the students there. Later, the movement was suppressed in a bloody military crackdown that saw the tanks roll on to Tiananmen Square. The whole world was shocked.

Su Shaozhi has long argued for political and economic reform in his country. Socialist humanism and democracy are his guiding principles, while, all the time, writing with an insider's understanding of the politics of contemporary China. The first three chapters of the present volume were written before Su left China, in 1989, and are included here for their historical importance. In the remaining chapters, written since Tiananmen, he scrutinizes recent Chinese political developments, and assesses the prospects for future reform.

Su's authority as a student of modern Chinese politics is widely recognized, and these selected works of recent years, carefully chosen by the author, give ample evidence of his significance.

Su Shaozhi was formerly the director of the Institute of Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought in Beijing, and Professor of Economics at Beijing University.

Asian Studies

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