Mediatization & Religion
Nordic Perspectives

Edited by Stig Hjarvard & Mia Lovheim
ISBN: 9789186523442
November 2012
Distributed by Coronet Books
210 pages
$89.50 Paper Original

This book presents new research on the changing relationship between the media, religion and culture from a Nordic perspective, while engaging with the theory of the mediatization of religion. In contemporary society, news journalism, film and television series, as well as a new digital media, provide critical commentary on religion while also enabling new forms of religious imagery and interaction. Religious leaders, communities and individuals reflexively negotiate their presence within this new mediatized reality. In an increasingly globalized Nordic context, the media have also come to play an important role in the performance of both individual and social identities, and in the representation and development of social and religious conflicts.

Through empirical analysis and theoretical discussions, scholars from film and media studies, the sociology of religion, and theology contribute to the development of the throry of the mediatization of religion as well as to the broader research field of media, religion and culture.

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