Mind & Muscle
An Owner's Handbook

Elizabeth Langford
December 1999
ISBN: 90-5350-883-X
253 pages, illustrated
$48.50 paperback

Here, at last, is the missing guide to the human body. Written in everyday language, it gives us the facts about the intimate links between thoughts, emotions and muscle behavior, and shows us, in detail, what principles really underpin good functioning. All this information, which Elizabeth Langford explains with clarity, has been known for many years, and is taken for granted by the true experts in the field.

However, expressed in the technical language of specialist journals and scattered throughout volumes of reference, it has not been available to the public at large. Mind and Muscle performs the vital service of making this material accessible. Progressively, the reader is invited to enter into the practical reality of this information, and to experience its benefits.

This book will be invaluable for anyone whose working tool is their body, and who is looking for improved performance or simply less strain; for those who are convalescent or battling with a handicap; for the many people suffering from that ever-increasing problem: back pain; indeed, for anybody keen to rediscover a sense of well-being.


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