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Monitor Lizards
Natural History, Biology & Husbandry

By Daniel Bennett
December 1998
Edition Chimaira
ISBN: 3-930612-10-0
352 pages, illustrated
$163.00 paper original


The most complete and comprehensive book on monitor lizards (including the largest bibliography) ever published, written by an author who shows both his enormous knowledge concerning the subject and his love and respect for these magnificent creatures. Contents include: An introduction to the family Varanidae. Names and identification. Evolution. The insides and outsides of monitor lizards. The lifestyles of monitor lizards. Monitor lizards and man. Keeping monitors in captivity. Breeding monitors in captivity. The species of the Genus Varanus. The future of monitor lizards. Bibliography. List of important herpetological/terraristic societies and journals. Survey map. Climatological data. Index. Includes numerous color photographs and black & white illustrations.