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Nematodes of Freshwater Fishes of the Neotropical Region

By Frantisek Moravec
December 1998
ISBN: 80-200-0705-9
464 pages, illustrated
$115.00 hardcover

The present book represents the first monographical elaboration of fish nematodes of the Neotropical zoogeographical region including whole South and Central America, southern Mexico and West Indies.

Preface. Introduction. Methods of study of fish nematodes. Morphology and taxonomy of fish nematodes. Biology of nematodes maturing in fishes. Influence of the environment on the species composition of nematodes parasitic in fishes, their geographical distribution and host specificity. Neotropical fauna of fish nematodes. Pathogenicity of nematodes parasitizing freshwater fishes. Systematic review of the nematodes parasitizing Neotropical freshwater fishes. Host - nematode parasite list. References. Index. Includes over 150 scientific illustrations.

Nematology; Parisitology; Biology