New Tendencies in Translation Studies
Selected Papers from a Workshop
Goteborg 12 December 2003

Edited By Karin Aijmer & Cecilia Alvstad
December 2005
Goteborg University
ISBN: 9173465364
108 pages, 6 ¼” x 9 ½”
$59.50 Paper Original


The field of translation studies is characterized by a multiplicity of approaches and models and many issues are hotly debated such as what translation studies ought to focus on and the gap between theory and practice. Descriptive translation studies are concerned with studying existing translations using a number of different theoretical approaches such as relevance theory and functional linguistics. There is also a trend towards more interest in methodology.

For some people this has meant a focus on experimental, highly controlled design. Research on the basis of corpora represents another line of research which reflects the growth of computer technologies. The majority of articles in this volume originated in a workshop organized in Goteborg on December 12th, 2003 where we to create a forum for discussing new tendencies in translation studies. The workshop was organized by the English Department and the Romance Department, Spanish.

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