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Nomenclator Generum et Familiarum Diplopodorum II
A List of the Genus and Family-Group Names
in the Class Diplopoda from 1958 through 1999

By Rowland M. Shelley, et al
December 2000
ISBN: 9546421073
167 pages
$60.00 paper original

An essential management tool for the discovery and analysis of biodiversity is a comprehensive taxonomic catalogue of organisms. One such catalogue for the Diplopoda is the monumental Nomenclator generum et familiarum Diplopodorum published in 1971 and authored by C. A. W. Jeekel. The present volume follows this pioneering example by listing all generic and family-group names in the Diplopoda described between 1. January 1958 and 31. December 1999 with full literature citations. With these two works, the world community now has available a complete catalogue of all generic and family-group names in this class. These constitute a tool to facilitate the science of Diplopodology and bring us one step closer to our ultimate objective of discovering and describing the world's species.

Pensoft Series Faunistica, No. 20