Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, Vol. 3
Nanostructured Materials Application & Innovation Transfer

Edited By E. Balabanova & I. Dragieva
December 2003
Heron Press
ISBN: 954-580-139-5
254 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11 "
$147.50 Paperback

Contents include: Bond strengths in diatomic molecules of nanoscale materials, Calculations of optimized structures of some coordination compounds, Synthesis of precursors-complex with Co-N bond, the Use of carbon in silica nanoparticle synthesis under thermal arc plasma conditions, Oxidation of hydrocarbons over nano-sized gold, Production and study of nano-sized silicon nitride powders for constructional ceramics, Phase composition and catalytic properties of iron and iron-ruthenium nanoparticles supported on activated carbon, Preliminary investigation of CdSe micro- and nano-crystals prepared by chemical deposition, Effect of water vapor additions to the sputtering gas on the electrical parameters of magnetron sputtered YBCO thin films, Electron microscopy study of thin films of cobalt oxides obtained by a reaction during vacuum deposition, Carbon nanoparticles in polymer: rheological properties and conductivity, Rising of electrostatical safety of foamed thermoplastic composites by nano-sized fillers, Synthesis of nanophase magnesium diboride, Nanorheology and nanotribology of thin glycerol films investigated by a resonance method, Analytical solutions for determining the optical constants of very thin films at normal and oblique incidence, Experimental characterization of nanoscale layers development in AlSiFe rapidly solidified ribbons by Auger electron spectroscopy and Mossbauer spectroscopy, Amperometric mushroom-tyrosinase electrodes for phenol monitoring, Preliminary tests for the photocatalytic activity of Ti02 nanoparticles in slurry, Nanoscale materials via intercalation, Low-dimensional lead chalcogenide semiconductor structures for optoelectronic applications, Structure of nanocomposite hybrid materials for cell immobilization, Flexo-electric response in polymer-liquid crystal lecithin system, Optical Properties of polymer stabilized liquid crystal indicator, Lactate enzyme gas-diffusion electrodes.

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