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Natural Language Processing in Medicine

Design, Implementation & Evaluation of an Analyser for Dutch

By Peter Spyns
December 2000
Leuven University Press
ISBN: 9058670694
335 Pages, Illustrated
$51.50 paper original

Medical language processing can be a major issue in healthcare because it allows access to the information treasure that otherwise remains buried in various medical documents. In this book, computer understanding of natural language will be shown to be a far from trivial task that involves several layers of knowledge. These various levels are integrated into a complex computer program-DMLP, or Dutch medical language Processor that eventually arrives at a complete understanding of Dutch medical documents. Topics include: Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Word Analysis, Main data Structures, Sentence Analysis, Tree Structures, Medical Language Parser, Access System for Medical Records, Evaluation Methods.

Medicine; Language Studies; Artificial Intelligence
Symbolae: Facultatis Litterarum Lovaniensis, Series C, No. 8