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The Neural/Neuroendocrine Compartment of the Liver
Differentiation Potential of the Hepatic Stellate Cell

By David Cassiman
December 2001
Leuven University Press
ISBN: 90-5867-183-6
130 pages, illustrated
$76.00 paper original

Table of contents. List of abbreviations. Introduction. Morphology of the liver. Hepatitis and cirrhosis. Liver regeneration. Identification of HSC. HSC 'activation'. HSC in hepatitis, cirrhosis and regeneration. Animal models of hepatitis, liver fibrosis, and cirrhosis. Embryonic origin of HSC. The liver and the autonomic nervous system. Neural/neuroendocrine features of liver cells. HSC isolation and culture. Aims and strategies. Materials and methods. Results. Human and rat hepatic stellate cells express synaptophysin. Human and rate hepatic stellate cells express neurotrophins. Muscarinic receptor expression in human liver. Alpha B-crystallin expression in human and rat hepatic stellate cells. Hepatic stellate cell/myofibroblast subpopulations in fibrotic human and rat livers. Characterization of longer-term hepatic stellate cell cultures. Conclusions and perspectives. Summary. References. Curriculum vitae.

Ph.D. thesis.

Acta Biomedica Lovaniensia, No. 248