Never Kneel Down
Drought, Development & Liberation in Eritrea

By James Firebrace & Stuart Holland
December 1987, reprint of the 1984 edition
ISBN: 0-85124-416-5
190 pages, Illustrated, 5 " x 8 1/2"
$24.00 paperback

This book is the result of a fact finding mission to Eritrea made in 1984 by Stuart Holland, Labour Shadow Minister for Overseas Development and Cooperation, and James Firebrace, War on Want's Programme Officer for the Horn of Africa. By giving the facts behind the famine, the authors provide an invaluable report of the situation on the ground as seen by two highly respected eye witnesses. Contents: Preface. Introduction. Maps. Part I: The Historical and Political Context. The Eritrean case for self-determination. The EPLF's popular revolution. Eritrea versus the superpowers. The military development of the Eritrean struggle. Prospects for the future. Part II: A New Model for Development. Self-reliance in production and distribution. Food and famine. A national health service. Education and vocational training. Part III: Interview with EPLF Vice General Secretary. Appendices. Glossary. Bibliography. Authors.

African Studies

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