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Coastal Zone Management

By Parimal Sharma
May 2009
Global India Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9788190794107
307 pages
$48.50 Hardcover

The coastal zone management is the need of the hour for every country.The wide range of resources and economic importance of the coastal zone have become very vital in today's time.This book has been written by keeping all these things in mind.

This book starts with an introduction with coast and coastal life, followed by the chapters which highlight the extension of coasts,the concept of coastal zone management,promotion of tourism by the development of coastal areas, coastal system and its management structures,marine tourism and its impact on coastal life, the problem of marine pollution etc.

This book concludes with a chapter on coastal zone and related Indian projects.We have tried to keep many relevant topics in this book and language has been kept very simple and pragmatic throughout the book and we hope that the present book will find its due place amongst the readers.



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