Learning Beyond Schooling
Bringing out Children's True Potentials

By Chong Wai Leng
December 2008
Pelanduk Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789679789539
206 pages
$27.50 Paper Original

Learning Beyond Schooling is written by parents for parents to help them see learning as something more intrinsic and introspective rather than the conventional ways of learning.

Part 1 is about the school system in general and the problems that parents and students face having to deal with a rigid system that caters mainly to the average rule-abiding student. There are real examples of children crying out for help in a system that fails to encompass the different kinds of learners we have in our midst today - students whose needs are very different and requires different approaches to learning and maximising their true potentials.

Part 2 suggests some alternative methods of learning available and how parents, by changing the way they look at learning, and by being active participants in their children's learning process can make a difference. There are testimonials of families learning together and many great ideas for learning activities that the whole family can do together. Learning comes to life when everyone gets keenly involved in the entire experience and process of discovering something new together in the life-long learning journey.

This book attempts to give parents hope, courage and inspiration to make educated choices and changes for their families so that learning goes beyond what is taught in schools and makes an impact on the individual, the family as well as the community.

Chong Wai Leng has been writing extensively on issues about children and learning for ten years. Many of her articles can be found on her FamilyPlace website www.familyplace.com.my which she co-founded with her husband ten years ago. She also contributes articles to parenting magazines and gets invited to speak on topics related to family, parenting and home-education.


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