Altering the World Money

By Ken Coates
September 2009
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9780851247687
103 pages, Illustrated
$18.50 Paper Original

Paul Rogers - Drone Wars in Pakistan
Ken Coates
- Blowback or Frame-up in Lancashire?
Peter Linebaugh
- Tom Paine: Two, Three, Many Revolutions...

Altering the World Money
Michael Barratt Brown
- On Redistribution
Stuart Holland
- On Bretton Woods
Ken Coates
- Unfinished Business
Zhou Xiaochuan
- How to Do It
John Dugard
- Apartheid in Palestine

Russell Tribunal on Palestine
Nurit Peled
- Until When?
Ken Coates - Russell Tribunals
Richard Falk
- Situation in Palestine
George Galloway MP
- Viva Palestina
Tony Simpson - Licence to Torture
Bryan Gould
- I Disown this Government



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