Teaching in Diversity
Teachers & Pupils About Tense Situations in
Ethnically Heterogeneous Classes

By Hester Radstake
August 2009
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789044124675
157 pages
$57.50 Paper Original

About the book:

Tensions and arguments about controversial issues are an inherent part of going to school. Pupils can learn from these situations. Teaching in diversity offers a knowledge base regarding tense situations as opportunities for citizenship education on living in an ethnically diverse society. The book addresses which tense situations teachers and pupils of ethnically diverse classes experience and how teachers react to these situations.

It presents the results of a national survey in schools for secondary education in The Netherlands. Teachers and pupils from 89 classes of 34 schools provide information about their experiences with tense situations. In addition this book offers a more in-depth understanding about the demands that are placed on teachers when preparing and guiding discussions about sensitive issues related to ethnic diversity.

To this purpose considerations and actual behaviour of four teachers guiding such discussions in ethnically diverse classes are analysed. Teaching in diversity is relevant for educational sociologists and educational scientists who are involved with citizenship education in ethnically diverse societies. It also provides a frame of reference for teachers and teacher educators who want to reflect on the practical implications of perceiving tense situations as opportunities for citizenship education.


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