Theologie und Ethos im fruhen Christentum

[German Language Text]

By Michael Wolter
May 2009
J.C.B. Mohr, Germany
ISBN: 9783161499036
569 Pages
$247.50 paper original

Michael Wolter presents studies on central themes of the mission of Jesus, the theology of Paul the apostle and the theology of history in Luke-Acts. He demonstrates that there is a distinct theology continuity among Jesus, Paul and Luke. At the same time, the studies show that first Paul and then Luke vary in the subjects they emphasized in order to reformulate the particular character of the Christian faith for the Christian communities in their own time. The author sees Jesus' claim to be the authentic representative of God's salvific care of Israel as the center of Jesus' mission.

Paul develops the theological concept of a Christian identity and of a corresponding Christian ethos which are based exclusively on the faith in Jesus Christ, and Luke endeavors to explain the history of the Jewish-Christian parting of the ways as an integral part of the history of Israel. The author concludes the book with comprehensive studies on apocalypticism, the history of the concept of law, and the theology of sin.

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 235
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