Unholy Land

By Ken Coates
June 2009
Distributed By: Coronet Books
ISBN: 9780851247656
96 Pages
$18.50 paper original


Ken Coates - The Second Coming of King Herod
Alexis Lykiard - Ref: An Offical Memo
Noam Chomsky - 'Exterminate all the Brutes'
Avi Shlaim - Israel's War against Hamas
Richard Falk - Gaza and the Law
Mustafa Barghouti - Steadfast before Goliath
Mousa Abu Marzook - A letter from Hamas
Gerald Kaufmann MP - 'Not simply war criminals'
Trevor Griffiths - The Gulf Between Us
Shami Chakrabarti; Geoff Hoon MP - Covering up Torture
Adrian Mitchell - At the Crossroads

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