Visions of Apostolic Mission

Scandinavian Pentecostal Mission to 1935


By David Bundy
June 2009
Uppsala Univeristy
Distributed By: Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789155474133
562 Pages
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Pentecostalism began as early 20th century revival movement with roots in earlier revival traditions. At the beginning of the 21st century it has a major global religious presence. In addition to the millions who gather in Pentecostal churches, many in older churches or other religious traditions that have adapted Pentecostal theological beliefs and liturgical practices.

Contrary to much of scholarly and popular understanding, that global presence did not originate only from the U.S.A From the earliest years, Scandinavian Pentecostals were engaged in mission and the results of that mission constitute a significant part of modern Christianity. Scandinavian Pentecostalism was itself shaped by diverse and inter-related European and trans-Atlantic intellectual and social currents, not only the "Pentecostal Revival" in Los Angeles.

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