Acarorum Catalogus II
Acariformes, Acaridida, Listrophoroidea..

By Peter Beron
April 2012
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789546426161
263 pages
$180.00 Hardcover

The second volume of the series “Acarorum Catalogus” is devoted to the group (formerly Superfamily) Listrophoroidea of the world. About 830 species are listed therein, with synonymies and citations in various papers. The book also contains a list of by-country distributions and lists of authors who published on any known species from Listrophoridae, Myocoptidae, Chirodiscidae and Atopomelidae. There are also lists including hosts of these mites and eight new combinations. The  bibliography consists of more than 480 titles. Other volumes of the same series on the pattern of the first two are under way.


The mite suborder Acaridida 5

The mite group Listrophoroidea 5

The mite family Listrophoridae 13

Catalogue of Listrophoroidea 13

The mite family Dromiciocoptidae 48

The mite family Myocoptidae 48

Catalogue of Myocoptidae 47

The mite family Chirodiscidae 60

Catalogue of Chirodiscidae 61

The mite family Atopomelidae 102

Catalogue of Atopomelidae 102

Index of Listrophoroidea 178

Distribution of Listrophoroidea 193

Hosts of Listrophoroidea 207

Taxonomic changes in this volume 235

Bibliography of Listrophoroidea 236

Other publications 262


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